“Is your book available on audio?” with Everett O’Keefe

“Is your book available on audio?”
If you have published a book, you have heard this question! The truth is, more and more books are being consumed in audio format. In fact, audiobooks represent the fastest-growing segment in the publishing industry, growing by double digits year after year.
What’s more, audiobook listeners tend to be more affluent, better educated, and better read! Moving your book into audio gives you greater access to this market and the increased opportunities it affords!
But how do you get your book on audio? Should you voice your own book? How can you get your audiobook on Audible and other platforms?
Join publisher and international bestselling author Everett O’Keefe as he walks you through the benefits and the process of creating an audiobook. Everett will answer your questions live in the upcoming Master Class.

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