I’m giving a presentation before my book is released. What can I do?

Just because your book isn’t yet published does not mean that you can’t begin marketing your book! In fact, there are many things authors can and should do to get the buzz going well before the official launch. And, if you have the opportunity to speak for a group before the launch, why not maximize the opportunity?

Here are some practical steps you might utilize to begin creating excitement for your new book when you’re speaking prior to the launch.

Use the name of your book as the title for your talk. By using the same title for your presentation, you’ll be strengthening the brand awareness of your book title.

In your bio/introduction, position yourself as the author of the forthcoming book (title), to be released (date). Furthermore, include “Author of the forthcoming book” on your email signature for all your correspondence prior to launch. Many of my clients also proudly wear their “Ask me about my book” button to generate conversation at a conference or program.

During your presentation, made one or more references to the book. DON’T be a tease and withhold information to the group. DO mention that the book provides a deeper exploration into a topic or issue, and share some of the content.

Provide a handout that includes your contact information. A handout may be in traditional format, or it could be a postcard, or better yet, a bookmark. Go ahead and create a mock up cover (go to PowerPoint, and in portrait mode add a graphic, the title, and your name) and include this on the handout. This allows those who hear you speak to be able to connect with you and potentially hire you for other speaking engagements, or to purchase your book.

Have some way for the audience to connect with you. For example, have a special white paper, checklist, or other handout of value that you send to attendees once you have their contact info. Attendees can access this “Irresistible Free Offer (IFO)” by visiting a landing page. Or, I like to use a response card that attendees complete with their contact information, and request any of the IFOs mentioned in the program.

Pose a question or issue that has people talking to you or about you during the conference that is connected with your book. Invite people to share a story with you, or use a catch-phrase that is repeated or shared during the conference.

Offer a “deal” to people who respond to a “pre-publication” offer of the book. Maybe attendees can pay now and get an autographed book with free shipping. If you offer pre-publication sales, be transparent with your customers about launch dates and keep them posted on publication details.


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