I Remember by Author Vanessa Williams-Harvey

vanessa and bookI REMEMBER tells the story of one family’s journey as their matriarch struggles through the effects of dementia caused by Alzheimer’s. The candid, captivating book explores how the crisis pushes a once-solid family to the verge of destruction and jeopardizes everything their mother had spent a lifetime building. Every family faced with a crisis is challenged and tested in ways that exposes vulnerabilities. Just when all hope seems to fade, family members learn to accept one another, respect one another and forgive one another. Readers will discover how family discord and failure to communicate can eat at the core of any support system—and how loved ones in crisis can rally together to move from victims to victory. The ultimate lesson: The fate of the traditional family begins with each of us.

I was wandering aimlessly down a dark path searching for direction.  When I reached out for help, I was pointed to Cathy Fyock.  When I met Cathy, she quickly turned me around got me back on track.  Cathy provided me with countless tools, engaging resources and professional connections that empowered me to move from “I want” to “I have!”  She will be the soft voice with the infectious laugh that gives you the confidence to put the stamp of approval on your next book!  I am so glad I had Cathy to help me along in this process and I recommend an experienced, well-connected and well-respected professional anytime I want something completed that I can be proud of and put my signature on it! 

 – Vanessa K. Williams-Harvey

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