I Can’t Look at my Book Another Minute! Help!

Dear Allie and Cathy:

I don’t think I can look at my book another minute. Yet, I’ve invested so much time, energy, and resources that I can’t give up. What can I do?

Hit The Wall Harold

Dear Harold:

First, don’t despair! Feeling sick and tired of your book is normal. In fact, think about any huge task you’ve undertaken, and you’ve likely felt the same. One of Cathy’s authors shared on a coaching call that as a marathon runner, he’s called this the 80% mark. “This is the point where fatigue sets in, and you honestly don’t think you can run another step.”

But you have more, so make it your goal to find your reserve energy and motivation. Here are some ways to do just that:

Return to the initial reason you’re writing this book. Tap into the need for your book by writing (or rewriting) a letter from your reader to you. Express the needs, concerns, and frustrations felt by your readers and clients and invoke that sense of urgency. This exercise can re-ignite your own sense of urgency about this book (since your book is always important but rarely urgent!).

Write rave reviews from your readers. Create five-star reviews with specifics about how the book has made a difference for them, or why they would recommend it to a friend. Getting clear on the value your book provides will rekindle your energy for getting it done.

Write statements, or an entire story, visioning what your life is like now that you’re a published author. Be as specific and vivid as you can. What is now possible that you couldn’t do before? How will your day-to-day life change? Are you attracting more clients, making a bigger impact, changing the world?

Give yourself time away for a specific period. Looking at your book with fresh eyes can renew your spirit and give you an opportunity to restore and refresh. Take a day, a week, or a month for a breather that provides you with fresh energy and a new perspective.

Involve the help and support of others. Get future readers, current clients, and fellow writers rooting for you. Put “Author of the forthcoming book . . .” on your email signature, in your speaker introductions, and on your social media profiles to engage others to cheer you on.

If you’re a person of faith, get on your knees and pray! Let your entire support team know that you need help!

Feeling discouraged? Push on! Surrounding yourself with cheerleaders who love you and who support your writing may be just what you need. Being a part of a writing group or group coaching program may provide you with the team you need to finish your project.

We‘ve been there many times—with every (yes, every) book project. You can do it! We know you can.

This post is excerpted from the new book, Writer Crisis Hotline

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