How does a hermit promote a book?

This isn’t a rhetorical question, but rather, one posed to me by Karen P. Fredette, the author of several works of fiction covering the topic of solitude and life as a hermit.

I suggested that she consider current events, and connect her book’s topic to what is happening in the world today. I recommended that blog posts and social media posts about how people today could find value in the message offered by her books.

Here’s what she did: she wrote several blogs and articles about how individuals who are struggling with the isolation required by COVID and shared some real world advice about the benefits of solitude and a more contemplative lifestyle.

Let me share the rest of the story in her words:

“A writer in NYC wanted to write something about solitude/hermit life and found our website.  We interviewed via Zoom several times.  She pitched the idea to the New York Times and they took it!  She was thrilled although she’s written for a few other big publications.

Because I’d followed up on your suggestion to offer value to folks who hit our website and to get them to leave their contact info, we are offering complimentary copies of the newsletter.  It works like a charm and now we have nearly 500 emails to respond to!  Paul and I are alternating on this. The last I looked we were getting 2,000 hits per day on the website.

Oh, your suggestion to do videos on how to deal with solitude was right on target.  We have four up, and the latest has received 3.3K hits!”

Here’s a link to the incredible piece in the New York Times. 

Talk about invaluable PR! But it all came from connecting your book’s relevance to current events.

What is happening in the world today that makes your topic newsworthy? Trendy? Unique? Explore opportunities to continue to write about this connection and post on social media to attract more visitors to your website and ultimately to your book!


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