Help! I’m a Perfectionist with Karianne Munstedt

Tuesday, January 26

12 noon Eastern

The average woman has thousands of thoughts per day, most of which are on a repeat loop. Of those repeated thoughts, a majority are negative*. The words we think to ourselves have a monumental impact on both how we live our lives and how we treat others. From her own experience, her years as a portrait photographer for women, and conversations with female acquaintances, Karianne has found the top reason why women speak negatively to themselves: perfectionism.

Karianne tackles this thought-provoking and sensitive subject with hope and love – and without judgment.

The audience will:
-Understand what perfectionism is and is not
-Visually see the difference between negative words/energy and positive words/energy
-Understand how perfectionism is holding them back
-Learn to rephrase their unkind thoughts
-Leave with action steps to combat perfectionist thoughts in their everyday lives

Karianne Munstedt is an award-winning portrait photographer. She is an artist and nurturer, fiercely motivated by using her talents to make women feel confident, empowered, and whole. Growing up with an abusive role model left her filled with fear; she countered this by attempting to be perfect, but never took the time to understand who she was.

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