Hearing from Your Negative Voice (aka “The Bitch”)

In my first book on writing, I talk about that negative voice—The Bitch–inside your head that says, “Who’s going to want to read what you have to say?” “Who told you that you could write?” and “Really, you think you’re the expert?” My clients and I often discuss ways to talk back to that voice and take part in writing exercises where we write letters to that voice.
But in my recent work with a client on his new book, we asked ourselves the question: what if that negative voice could write a letter to ME? What would that voice say? Would it help me in understanding where that voice comes from or how to better manage these unhelpful thoughts?
So, I was challenged to write a letter FROM my negative voice (The Bitch) to me, and here is what the letter said:
Dear Cathy:
This is The Bitch, your negative voice, speaking to YOU! I tell you, I get no respect! I’m just looking out for you . . . I only want the best for you . . . and this is the thanks I get.
I don’t want you to embarrass yourself, and I don’t want you to take risks that are not in your best interests. There’s nothing wrong with being cautious, assessing the situation, and determining the risk involved. I want you to play smart to win.
I’ll back off when you need me to, but don’t criticize me when I warn you that you are out on a limb. I’m just doing my job.
I’m just reminding you, I’m here for YOU!
Signed, The Bitch
P.S. How about a better name for me, like The Protector or My Superhero.
Do you need to write a letter FROM your negative voice to YOU? What might you learn?
I’d love to hear what you learned! Please send me your letters.

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