Get your book written in 2020 by planning now!

Is “write my book” on your 2020 goals? How are you going to get it done?

Begin by planning NOW so that you’ll have your book this year so that you can book more business, gain more visibility and credibility, and further step into your thought leadership!

Here are some ideas for you to explore as you map out your tactical plan for accomplishing this important goal.

Consider the slow period for your business. Many of my clients tell me that business is generally slow December – February, and again in June – August, and gets super-busy in the fall. If that’s the case for your business, plan to write and begin marketing during your slower months.
Anticipate completing your book before the busy fall season. If your work peaks in the fall, have your book completed early in the year so you’ll have time for the promotion your book deserves.

Budget for the resources and support you’ll need to complete your book. Will you need an accountability partner or coach to help you get it done? If you’re like me, you’ll also need to budget for an editor and the other publishing resources you’ll require to get your book across the finish line.

Craft your thesis statement for you book. What is your book about? Write out your thesis statement, tweak it, and print and post it where you’ll see it every day (on your bathroom mirror, at your desk, in your composition book). Get clear on your message, and begin sharing it with others in conversation.

Put your topic on your radar and begin or continue to gather current information on your book’s thesis. Schedule Google Alerts to keep up with trends and issues, and save links to important documents on a spreadsheet.

Gather your files you’ll need in writing this book. Have you already written about this topic in your blog posts, articles, workbook materials, speech transcripts, or PowerPoint presentations? Identify your files, and put everything in one place so that you can easily access this information as you begin writing.

Set your intentions. Put “Author of the Forthcoming Book” on your email signature; include this information on your bylines and website. My clients love to wear their “Ask me about my book” buttons when attending networking events so they are accountable to everyone they meet!

Read up on writing. If you need help in constructing your book’s outline or putting your project plan together, you might consult On Your Mark: From First Word to First Draft in Six Weeks, or Blog2Book: Repurposing Content to Discover the Book You’ve Already Written. Purchase these books by visiting the links!

Block writing time on your calendar. Do you have time blocked for writing on your calendar for downtime around the holidays and in the New Year? Go ahead and block writing time NOW so that you’ll accomplish this important (but never urgent) goal. Or, consider a writing retreat, like the three-day immersion retreat offered by Cathy.

If writing a book is an important goal for 2020, plan NOW to achieve your goal!

What steps are you taking to achieve your book writing goal in the New Year?

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