Daily Habits

My mother always told me to make my bed every day.  I love sliding between the smoothed sheets at night, and will even make the bed minutes before I’m ready to go to bed just to have that pleasure.

Once I reached my goal weight and lost 50+ pounds, I realized that I need to exercise daily if I’m going to keep the weight off.  And I pretty much stick to this routine, although I must admit that on vacation I will sometimes give myself a day off.

Good, daily habits are those that keep us healthy, on track, and in alignment with our goals.

Writers need to develop good, daily habits, too.  Which translates into a practice of daily writing.

Some days I write articles or blog posts.  Some days I write in my journal.  Sometimes I work on a new book project.  But I write.  Everyday.

It keeps the creative juices flowing, and it keeps that connection between my heart and mind linked to my fingers and the keyboard.

What are you doing today—and every day—to exercise that connection?  You could keep a gratitude journal, make notes about ideas for future books or articles, jot key words on cocktail napkins to capture great inspirations, or block out 15 minutes to two or three hours for writing.  But create a daily practice.

Practice does make perfect.

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