CRAVE Your Book Goals: 5 Steps to Become an Author with Tricia Molloy

Many people would love to become published authors but few ever realize that dream. I believe that’s because it takes much more than a good idea and strong writing skills. It also takes focus, confidence and an unwavering commitment to get the job done. After all, most aspiring authors don’t get paid to write. If successful, you are compensated after your book is published through book sales and the personal and professional benefits that come with being an author/expert.

When we truly commit to our goals and crave them with our heart and soul, we engage the energy of the universe and receive what we need to make our dreams come true. Stress and fear dissipate and we become more positive and productive.

In 2005, when I began writing my book, Working with Wisdom: 10 Universal Principles for Enlightened Entrepreneurs, I struggled with the same challenges most first-time authors face—including doubt and distractions. By relying on principles like affirmations and visualization, I completed and published my book in 2006 and used it to launch my Working with Wisdom speaking, training and mentoring business.

My most popular speaking program is called “CRAVE Your Goals!” which incorporates five of the ten principles from my book. If your goal is to write a book, follow my simple, five-step CRAVE formula for success.

1) Clean Out the Clutter.

Clutter confuses us and drains our energy. It often keeps us from doing what’s most important and gets in the way of our goals. There’s a universal law that states: The universe abhors a vacuum. So, when we clear away the physical clutter (a messy office), as well as the emotional clutter (regrets for not writing your book sooner) and technical clutter (wasting too much time on social media or sorting through unnecessary emails), we make room for the universe to fill it with what serves our highest good. Commit to begin cleaning out the clutter today.

2) Raise Your Energy.

We are all energy beings and we all vibrate at different levels at different times. Vibration is just another word for feelings and emotions—our attitude. When we’re taking good care of ourselves and we feel appreciated, we will vibrate at a high, positive, light, constructive level. And, since energy attracts like energy, we will attract people and circumstances that vibrate at that same positive level.

Conversely, when we are not taking care of ourselves and don’t feel appreciated, when we are burned out and stressed out, we will vibrate at a low, dark, negative, destructive level. And, since misery loves company, we will attract people and circumstances that vibrate at that same level.

Some of the ways to keep your vibrations high when writing your book is to talk with successful authors, read books that inspire you and connect with friends and family members who believe in your dream. Since writing is often a sedentary job, make sure you’re exercising, taking stretch breaks away from your computer and eating healthy.

3) Affirm Success.

Studies show we speak to ourselves about 10,000 times a day and 80 percent of that tends to be negative. That’s because we’re human and we’re programmed to protect ourselves by focusing on worst-case scenarios. Affirmations are powerful statements to remind us what we know to be true, despite what others may say or when our own ego plants that seed of doubt.

Affirmations help us communicate with our subconscious mind, which believes everything we tell it and seeks out opportunities and resources to prove that it’s true. The most effective affirmations are short, positive and in the present. Here are a few examples that I used. “I am open to receive ideas and inspiration for my book.” “Today, I write with grace and ease and clarity of purpose.” “My book benefits me and everyone who reads it.” Commit to write down your affirmations and post them prominently—on your bathroom mirror, on the dashboard of your car and at your desk. Say them out loud throughout the day and share them with others.

4) Visualize.

Every top athlete has harnessed the power of visualization.  The runner sees herself breaking through the tape at the end of the race and the golfer sees the hole in one. What can you visualize about your book? Perhaps you’re signing copies at a local bookstore or speaking at a national conference. I created a Vision Board and posted a mock-up of my book cover and bookmark with words like “Best Seller” cut from newspapers and magazines. I also included encouraging notes from my colleagues.

It takes more than just seeing to get the results. Visualization is a three-step, repetitive process. To give it the power you need to succeed, engage all your senses. What do you hear, smell, feel and taste? And, infuse it with the positive emotions you would feel if this were a reality—like happiness, pride and maybe even relief. Commit to seeing your book as “real” and it soon will be.

5) Express Thanks.

What you focus on expands. What you appreciate appreciates. It’s a universal law. That’s why it’s so important to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Commit to write in a gratitude journal a few nights a week, listing all the things you’re thankful for—my health, my family, doing what I love—and adding at least one unique entry each time—I wrote two chapters today. That increases your awareness of what’s going right. Take the time to express your sincere appreciation to others with a phone call or a hand-written note. Give thanks in anticipation of your accomplishments.

By committing to CRAVE your book goals, you will enhance your journey and accelerate your success.


Tricia Molloy loves to remind people how wise they are! She is a corporate leadership speaker on work-life balance, mentor and the author of “Working with Wisdom: 10 Universal Principles for Enlightened Entrepreneurs” and the “CRAVE Your Goals!” and “DESIGN Your Ideal Life” ebooks. Through employee development programs and conference keynotes, Tricia inspires professionals to achieve their goals faster and easier. For women professionals and entrepreneurs, she also offers one-on-one Wisdom Mentoring. Visit or email  

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