Cracking the Online Course Code with Nancy Gierre

Nancy Giere at SRK Headshot Day in Menlo Park, CA

As more and more people are moving their content online, what can you do to ensure that you produce high quality content that showcases your brilliance, sets you apart from your competitors, expands your reach and grows your business. You will learn how to: ● Turn your expertise into interactive and engaging webinars, or online courses that create lasting change ● Leverage a systematic repeatable course creation process ● Create a training business model ● Determine the type of virtual programs (online, webinar or a blended approach) that will expand your reach and generate revenue ● Customize your programs to meet the needs of your target market
After a lifetime in the corporate training world, Nancy knows how businesses operate and she isn’t afraid to shake things up. Her unique perspective combined with 25+ years of experience has empowered her with fresh insight and the industry’s best-kept secrets that she’s ready to share with you. On a lifelong campaign against boring training, she uses the power of storytelling and light-hearted humor to create an engaging, fun, and interactive environment. Masterfully intertwining comedic humor with life lessons, her stories make learning stick! Nancy has worked with the biggest names in corporate America like Johnson Controls, Harley Davidson, and Northwestern Mutual.

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