Back to School

Every fall I get that “back to school” feeling as the leaves begin to show color, the air becomes crisp, and as I watch the endless TV commercials for school supplies. This time of year makes me realize that I only have a few more months to achieve my annual goals, and I have a renewed sense of urgency about getting work done.

This is also a great time of the year to consider how I am remaining current and relevant in my field as a speaker, coach, and author. The season invites me to evaluate my strategies for my own professional development and growth.

What are you doing to go “back to school” and remain current in your field of expertise? You might review these ideas to craft your own plan for upping your game as a thought-leader.

  • What new books have I read on my topic and related topics? Am I reading broadly so that I can gain new perspectives on trends and issues?
  • Am I exploring new learning through webinars, conferences, and programs? Do I attend the “same ole same ole,” or am I looking for cutting edge programs and experiences that will expand my frame of reference?
  • Am I reading widely from periodicals, blogs, and professional journals?
  • Am I challenging myself to try new experiences? To travel internationally?
  • Am I pushing myself beyond my comfort zone? Have I considered teaching a class, writing an article or blog post, or speaking for a conference?
  • Have I identified someone to be my mentor? Who can help me get to the next level or share new insights with me based upon their knowledge and experience?
  • Have I offered to mentor someone? By mentoring others I can continue to learn and grow.
  • Have I formed a Mastermind group with like-minded professionals who can support my growth and development through regular meetings where we share, challenge, and support one another?
  • Have I surrounded myself with colleagues with whom I can discuss issues and trends? Do I belong to a business book club (such as the HR Bookless Club)?

Get in the “back to school” mindset and craft your own plan for ensuring that you are growing and learning so that you can better serve your clients and readers.


What’s your best idea for going “back to school”? Share your best strategies!

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