Author as Tribal Leader

What if you were to think about your “targeted reader” or “target client” as a member of your tribe? This is the framework that Seth Godin suggests in his excellent book, Tribes.

What’s the difference in a targeted reader and a tribal member?


Targeted Reader

Me: Them


One Way

Not connected/siloed



Tribal Member



Two Way





As an author, thought leader, and business professional, you want to create a tribe of connected, involved, and engaged members as a business development tool. Here are some of the strategies for engaging your readers so that they become tribal members:

  • Collect the names and contact information for your tribal members so that you can connect with them on a regular basis. Invite your readers to visit your website, and use a landing page to collect this important data.
  • Create strategies for two-way communication with your tribe, including blog posts, newsletters, social media posts, and dialogue.
  • Communicate your passion for your topic. Engaging the hearts of your members is as important as engaging their minds, if not more important.
  • Develop ongoing/regular communications, including daily social media posts, weekly blogs, or monthly newsletters.
  • Create face-to-face opportunities to connect with readers, which might include speaking at conferences, book signings and readings at book stores, and other speaking engagements.
  • Survey your tribe to discover who they are, what they want, and what they like so that you continue to meet their needs.
  • Connect tribal members with one another at conferences, through blogs and social media, and interactive webinars.
  • Identify those groups or associations that shares tribal issues or values, and collaborate to create partnerships with these organizations.

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