After the VIP Writing Experience: Amazon International Best-Seller!

In November 2021, Denise Gabel invested in a VIP Writing Experience with book coach Cathy Fyock at her home in Punta Gorda, Florida. Denise flew home with a first draft of her manuscript. But what’s the “rest of the story”?

Denise left the session and signed with Everett O’Keefe at Ignite Press, and together they published Denise’s book that launched in July. Here is Denise’s account of the rest of that story that resulted in her book–The Can-Do Mindset–becoming an international best-seller.

I’m forever grateful that I had three things when I launched my book.

1)     A broad network. It turns out that the network I’ve been building for years played a key role in the book’s success. Social media and the stacking of shares upon shares is a powerhouse when you’re trying to distribute a message.

2)     Cash. Bookmarks, autographed book copy stickers, Can-Do stickers, return address labels, book mailers, business cards, thank you notes and envelopes, a new website, book trailer videos, an updated speaker reel, supplies to gift wrap books—and thanks to Kelley, a dear friend, and self-proclaimed Exclusive Graphic Artist for Can-do-ology and Associates, everything is gorgeous in the new brand.

3)     Clarity. Thanks to the guidance from Cathy, my book coach, we are very clear that my book is one element of my mission: to bring Can-do-ology and the can-do mindset to the universe. I see my book as a conversation starter—an introduction to Can-do-ology and to me. This clarity helped everyone think bigger than a book launch—it’s a mission launch.

Confetti dropped from the sky on the day we launched the book, and in the next two days when we continued to hold the #1 international bestseller spot.

Patrick and Dori, my niece and nephew won my award for first place for the most effective way to sell the Kindle version of the book. We heard so many people say, “I don’t have a Kindle.” Dori and Patrick quickly went into can-do mode and offered free digital books for those who expressed interest. Ding. People asked for the digital book and Patrick and Dori sent them a link to easily download the “Kindle” that can be read on any device.

My entire network—and then some—was eager to help spread the word.

And then what happened?

In the first week, we booked five paid speaking engagements. I was glowing via video on Thursday—just two days after launch—to a group of 25 professionals when we launched a six-month book club to read AND practice the can-do mindset behaviors and use the tools.

What contributed to this success? You guessed it . . . three things.

1)     Content. We spent many hours making the content the best it could be. I tapped my editorial board for the book and asked for their improvements. Stephanie from the EmPower PR Group applied the book content and built my digital author platform. According to my mom, The Can-Do Mindset, content is killer. She predicted bestseller status (smile).

2)     Gratitude. I used the book as a giant thank you card. Two weeks before the launch, I sent physical books to everyone who had an impact on making my manuscript a book. Really, many people who make my life—my life. I wrote personal notes on the inside of the book, added a customized bookmark, creatively wrapped the book/card, and sent them off. The speaking requests came from these individuals who received my packaged book ahead of the book launch.

3)     Can-Do. We didn’t and still don’t have all the answers, but we know we can collaborate, and problem-solve. Trish, another dear friend, is our can-do cat herder who helps us stay focused. We can co-create messaging and experiences that matter.

The book launch was a success. And, more importantly, Can-do-ology is now loose in the universe. We’re advocating for more “can” in this world. Imagine that world—what can we do?!

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