What Your Editor Can Do For You with Alexandra O’Connell

A good editor is an author’s best friend. They make sure the manuscript flows well, engages the reader, and avoids nasty mistakes and typos. However, these lovely creatures sometimes speak a different language from the writing public. What does your editor mean when they talk about a copyedit? Join us as we go over the types of work an editor …

What a Publicist Can Do For You with Don Otis

Ever wondered about what a publicist could do for your new book? Join veteran publicist Don Otis as he talks with Cathy Fyock about his work with authors. Don is the founder of Veritas Communications, a publicity agency based in Sandpoint, Idaho since 1991. To listen to the recording, follow this link.

Audiobooks = Future with Kris Hartrum

Talking Book is an independent audiobook publisher, making audiobooks for writers, readers and listeners. Audiobooks help authors find entirely new audiences of listeners, drive traffic and create new streams of revenue. Plus, they’re awesome. Join Kris Hartrum as he talks with host Cathy Fyock about how authors can create audiobooks. To listen to the recording, follow this link.

Podcasts and Audio Content with Jen Edds

Thanks to advances in mobile technology and “On Demand” content delivery services like Netflix and Amazon, our appetite for Bingeable content available on demand while we are on the go is at an all time high. Join us for my webinar with Jen Edds, Podcaster and Head Broad in Charge at The Brassy Broadcasting Company, to learn why audio is …

From Nonfiction to Fiction with Dr. Jac Fitzenz

If you’re a nonfiction author who someday dreams of writing a novel, you’ll want to join HR guru Dr. Jac Fitzenz as he discusses his transition. He’ll discuss his two new novels, and share his background as a thought leader in HR. To listen to the recording follow this link.

Using Your Book to Create a Signature Program with Margie Beiswanger

Having a signature program is the key to expanding your business beyond the model of working with clients one-on-one. In this workshop you’ll learn how to organize your book into offerings that meet your tribe’s needs and desires. We’ll pinpoint where your expertise, passion, and strengths intersect with your ideal clients’ needs in order to create a signature program or …

Book More Business with Lois Creamer

Want to book more speaking business? Join business coach Lois Creamer as she shares secrets for filling up your calendar with the speaking engagements you want. To listen to the recording, follow this link. To purchase Book More Business, follow this link.

Making Meetings Matter with Author Jim Ware

Are you stuck in the unproductive meeting trap? It is common to feel that corporate meetings are a waste of time. Time that could be better spent getting “real work” done. But it doesn’t have to be this way. This book is dedicated to the proposition that meetings can be meaningful, productive, and even fun—all at the same time. We …