From First Word to First Draft

On Your Mark Book Planning System and Retreat

Virtual 3-Day Retreat: January 14 – 16, 2021

A one of a kind retreat experience for Authors & aspiring Authors to connect, grow, & be inspired.

Does this sound like you?

You're ready to get your book out of your brain and into the world

Or maybe you're ready to finally finish the book you've been working on

You wish you had time to just focus (not just an hour or two here and there)

You wish you had someone who has been where you are that could give you a strategic roadmap

You value the power of community and crave a connection with other authors

Did you answer yes to any of the above?

The Destination

The retreat takes place in the comfort of your home or office. You’ll receive information on how to structure your retreat to schedule optimal results.

The Exclusivity

With a limited number of spots available, you’ll enjoy an intimate learning and creative experience. You’ll have the opportunity to truly connect with and work alongside both Cathy and other authors alike.

The Experience

With learning sessions that nurture not only your business but your personal and creative soul too, this retreat offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to rest & rejuvenate while moving your book forward.

The Perfect Author Retreat Awaits

Here’s what you can expect before, during, and after our weekend together:

Intake assessment with Cathy one-on-one via Zoom

Introductory webinar to help you prepare for the retreat and maximize your investment

Three day virtual retreat in the comfort of your own home

An environment conducive to writing over a three-day period with the opportunity to significantly begin or complete your book

A strategic plan for writing your book, with clarity about your thesis, alignment with your business plan, identification of your target reader, and strategic objectives

Your writing plan, including your book outline, TOC (Table of Contents), and work project plan

Awareness of your mindset blocks, and the understanding and confidence on how to remove these blocks (How do I find the time? How do I address the Imposter Syndrome? How do I honor my goals?)

Connection and community with like-minded individuals who are working on their nonfiction books for resources on best- and current-practices

Insights on self-publishing so that you can identify your publishing strategy and the tools and resources to get you across the finish line

Access to Cathy and her faculty throughout the retreat

Access to two Group Coaching sessions after the retreat

Post retreat one-on-one session via Zoom

Total Investment: $1797

Sign up before December 31st and receive access to Cathy’s Results-Focused Writer Forum! A $297 value!

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Here’s What Former Retreat Attendees Have to Say

In the first three-day immersion retreat held September 6 – 8, the six participants generated over 104,000 words, for an average production of more than 17,000 per attendee. One participant finished his final manuscript, and one participant completed assembling her first draft. Feedback included: “I now consider myself a writer.” “I now have the confidence to write my book.” “I got total clarity about my book and how it will help me build my business.”

Uplifting. Empowering. Informational. Educational. Emotional. Fun. I am well on my way to writing my first book.  I don’t think I would have had the confidence or drive to move forward without the fabulous experience of the retreat.

Henrietta Pepper

If you know you have a book in you and just can’t quite get it out, you need Cathy Fyock!  Cathy is skilled in asking you the questions to get clarity in your goals and help you focus your message.   Her proven book coaching process will assure you stay disciplined to complete your book in your set time table.  I could never have completed my book in three weeks without Cathy’s knowledge, skill and accountability process!  Her gentle, but firm and loving encouragement kept me going to get to the finish line!                

Elizabeth Jeffries

Author, What Exceptional Executives Need to Know

The writers’ retreat that Cathy curated was gentle and intentional; it allowed a seamless flow from vibrant community exchanges to sacred space to hone our craft. I was able to find laughter, tears, and words within me that birthed my next book, Leading In Color. Thank you Cathy for being the writers’ midwife. Sign me up for the next one and the next one.


Marta Miranda-Stråub

Founder and Principal , Catapult Now LLC, author of Cradled by Skeletons: a Life in Poems and Essays

Cathy Fyock’s Writer’s Retreat was a harmonious blend of education, networking and creative writing time all in a delightful setting.  I easily accomplished  my goals for the retreat and left energized.  I recommend Cathy’s Writer’s Retreat for anyone feeling they have a message inside that needs to be shared.  It is an inspiring experience!


Lisa M. Johnson

Leadership Trainer/Coach/Speaker/Author

When I entered Cathy Fyock’s book writing retreat, I had little more than a title, an idea and a 5-year body of work on my topic: “Small Events, Big Impact.” By the time I left, 3 days later, I had outlined, compiled and organized almost 50,000 words. In other words: a rough draft. I am beyond impressed by the work we did that weekend, and have so much gratitude for Cathy Fyock for making it happen. I HIGHLY recommend this program. 

Michelle Villalobos

CEO & Founder, The Superstar Activator

I’ve been in the speaking industry for 20 years and have met several professionals who help authors. When I met Cathy I knew I wanted her expertise to guide me along the way. She was helpful in every aspect of this book, and she held my feet to the fire to make sure it got done! I highly recommend her. 

Lois Cramer

I cant say enough about my experience with Cathy. This is my first book and I honestly never considered myself an author. I was intimidated by the idea of writing a book, much less where to even start. Cathy provided the resources necessary to get me started and on my way, and was extremely supportive when I needed that boost of confidence! I just returned from Cathy’s writing retreat this past weekend, and would recommend it to anyone looking for their “writing tribe”. I found mine! So valuable!  Thank you Cathy.

Laura Leaton

Certified Business Coach & Corporate Trainer

I attended Cathy Fyock’s “On Your Mark” book retreat and it was AWESOME! It was so much more than I expected and a great investment of my time and money. I attended the retreat because I have never written a book before and had no idea on how to arrange my thoughts to put them in the best format for a book. Thanks to Cathy and her brilliant staff I received professional advice on how to organize my thoughts and so much more. I’ve been writing consistently since the retreat and will be publishing my book in the beginning of 2020! Thank you Cathy.
LaVeer Joval

The retreat was great! It really helped to have the blocked off time to write between the sessions. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was fantastic and well worth the money I paid. Thanks again for all you do to help us budding writers. 

Beth Warren

Cathy knows how to guide, coach, consult and inspire writers to a new level of professionalism and writing success in her retreat. She orchestrates the ideal atmosphere for you to think, create, and write the story you know you need to tell. 

Jeff Nally

Executive Coach, PCC, RPCC, SPHR

I can’t recommend Cathy Fyock’s Writing System and Retreat enough.  I was looking for something that provided me deep insights into the book writing and publishing process, a group of like-minded authors, and most importantly, time to write.  Cathy’s retreat didn’t disappoint.  I am looking forward to signing up for future retreats!

Whether you are new to writing or have a draft that you are trying to complete, Cathy Fyock’s Writing System and Retreat will give you exactly what you need.  I came in with a book draft and can proudly say that I completed my final manuscript during the retreat bringing me one step closer to being a published author!  I couldn’t have done it without Cathy and this amazing retreat.


Brandon M. Smith

The Workplace Therapist

Testimonials from March 2020 Virtual Retreat

Cathy’s coaching and workshop has been a game changer in not only moving the book forward but in bringing relevant tips and techniques that I immediately put into practice. Additionally, Cathy brought professional and acclaimed authors to the retreat. They all shared their own useful tools and secrets for success. I honestly feel like I received another college degree in writing in one 3-day retreat.

Don’t let the virtual concept scare you away. It turned out to be fun and a brilliant structure that resulted in getting even more accomplished while saving on travel time and expenses! Thanks Cathy! .

Tammy Tiller

Hewitt FACHE, President | CEO, Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies

I’m torn. On one hand, I wish I could go back and have had this opportunity to kick off the writing of my book. On the other hand, getting this shot in the arm after I’ve been writing for a while was also extremely helpful. The point? Do it. Cathy is a master of the online setting. I never felt sad about not having to pack my bag and leave the comfort of my own home. Thank you Cathy, Allie, Chris, and Everett — what an opportunity that is now a fond–productive–memory (smile).

The Denise (Gabel)

I have never experienced anything like this!!! I signed up to attend the retreat so that I could block out some focused time to write. I knew it may be a struggle for me to stay focused and to write that long. I am just starting my book and didn’t know how all of this would play out – to say the least, I was a bit reserved.

I was BLOWN away with the content, structure, and results of the weekend!!! Cathy, Chris, and Allie really EXCEEDED any and all expectations that I had! The exercises catapulted my writing, the sharing of ideas and resources was transformational, and the guests that joined and presented were amazingly valuable to help me understand a completely foreign world. I know the camaraderie of the participants will continue for years to come – even though it was virtual – we still connected in a deep and meaningful way.

Thank you, Cathy, Chris, Allie, guest speakers, and my fellow writers – it was a memorable weekend that I will appreciate for years to come!

Michelle E.W. Howison

President & CEO, Extraordinary Dynamics

After participating in and learning from several of Cathy’s weekend writing retreats and experiencing first-hand the power of a well-managed writing community, I must admit that when circumstances demanded a change to a virtual format that I was skeptical that the value would remain. Boy, was I wrong!

Cathy masterfully and smoothly recreated her magic across the miles and we were all enriched by the retreat, changing the world, one word at a time. This retreat is a must experience for any serious writer! 

Chris Clarke-Epstein

Being able to see each other and regularly sharing our projects helped us make strong connections as a virtual writing community. Cathy and all of her guest speakers made the time together value added – and we had plenty of time to work on our own to achieve our weekend goals. 

Cheryl Jekiel

Wow! Wow! Wow! What an amazing virtual retreat that was! You totally and completely exceeded my expectations. Thank you for serving us in such a powerful way this weekend.

I don’t know that I had a favorite part – it all contributed to such a well-rounded, skill-building, confidence-boosting experience!

The writing exercises showed me that with a little prompting, I can actually write some good content! The skill-building exercises empowered me to know exactly how to sit down and crank out a ton of words. The publishing session was very eye-opening and answered so many of my questions about “what’s next.” The community of writers and faculty gelled online in a special way. I want to follow all of their success now and be one of their biggest cheerleaders! The accountability provided enabled me to write a ton in between our live sessions; in fact, I accomplished my writing goal of four completed chapters and over 10,000 words this weekend.

All in all, this was time and investment well spent. I would highly recommend the experience to anyone at any stage of their writing career. Cathy is a mastermind at coaching and leading virtual retreats. 

Shannon Carroll

Cathy, this weekend virtual retreat was a huge success. I was skeptical as I was so looking forward to going to the retreat center, but this proved to be even better! Thank you for getting me to move forward with this book after talking about it for eight years. The post-it note exercises and letters to our readers were so valuable! And while I’ve not met most of the attendees I feel I now have a personal connection to them that will last a lifetime!

Lawren Just

Retreat Faculty

Allie Pleiter

Allie Pleiter

Allie Pleiter teaches creative people how to be consistently, dependably productive while teaching high-performing professionals how to create the vital content today’s marketing requires. The author of over 50 published titles, Allie has spent a decade in the publishing profession with over 1.5 million books sold worldwide. In addition to her own writing career, Allie maintains an active writing productivity coaching practice and speaks regularly on the creative process and her own popular time management system, The Chunky Method, based on her book of the same title. Visit her website at to learn more. Allie is the incoming president of the NSA chapter in the Chicago area.

Amy C. Waninger

Amy C. Waninger

Amy C. Waninger is an author who has self-published several times and helps others do the same. Her books include Network Beyond Bias, plus a number of companion guides, workbooks, and journals. Amy has helped a number of authors publish their books, including the publishing of Cathy and Lois’s book, The Speaker Author. Amy is a Professional Member of National Speakers Association and interim president of the Cathy Fyock Fan Club.

Cathy Fyock

Cathy Fyock

Cathy Fyock, CSP, SPHR, is The Business Book Strategist, and works with professionals and thought leaders who want to write a book as a business growth strategy. She is the author of nine books, including On Your Mark: From First Word to First Draft in Six Weeks, Blog2Book, and her most recent, with co-author Lois Creamer, The Speaker Author: Sell More Books and Book More Speeches. She has helped more than 170 professionals become published since her business’s launch in 2014.

Everett O’Keefe

Everett O’Keefe

Everett O’Keefe is an International #1 Bestselling Author, having authored six Amazon #1 bestselling books. He has also helped create and launch more than 50 bestselling books for his clients. Everett speaks across the nation on the power of publishing. He is the founder of Ignite Press, a hybrid publishing company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs, as well as business and medical professionals, ignite their businesses by becoming bestselling authors. You can reach Everett through his company’s website at Everett has published books for a number of Cathy’s clients, and also handled her incredibly successful Amazon Best-Seller launch to help her become an international best-seller in no less than 19 categories!

Your Weekend Agenda

Day One

9:00 – 10:30: Session One: Your Thesis and Your Target Reader

10:30 – 1:00: Writing Time

1:00 – 2:30: Session Two: FAQs, Signature Stories, and Ven Diagram

2:30 – 5:00: Writing Time

5:00 – 6:00: Debrief: Insights, Word Count, Intentions, and Top and Bottom 5%

Day Two

9:00 – 10:30: Session Three: Mindset blocks and how to overcome them

10:30 – 1: Writing Time

1:00 – 2:30: Session Four: Finding Your Voice

3:00 – 5:00: Writing Time

5:00 – 6:00: Debrief: Insights, Word Count, Intentions, and Top and Bottom 5%

Day Three

9:00 – 10:30: Session Five: The Chunky Method

10:30 – 1:00: Writing Time

1:00 – 3:00: Session Six: Publishing Options, Final Collaborations, and Next Steps

Seats are extremely limited. Don't miss your chance!

Meet your retreat organizer & instructor,
Cathy Fyock!

Cathy is the author of eight published books and several forthcoming books, six workbooks, four e-learning modules, chapters in four books, website tool kits, as well as hundreds of articles, blog posts, white papers, and newsletters, and has mastered the art of getting a book on paper quickly, and then using her speaking and writing to generate revenue streams and create new business opportunities.  She leads her own consulting/coaching/speaking practice and has been a member of the National Speakers Association for more than 20 years.  Cathy has been a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) since 1993.

Cathy helps aspiring consultants through her webinars and coaching programs, and supports small business owners, consultants and speakers in leveraging speaking and writing to build their businesses through a variety of services, including her books, webinar programs, one-on-one and group coaching programs, and consulting.

In her spare time, Cathy loves to sing! She has sung professionally with the Kentucky Opera Company, and in a one-woman show titled, “Dream It! Achieve It!” and in a comedic presentation, “Aging Sucks!” She frequently opens the Best Places to Work in KY Awards banquet with “My Old Kentucky Home,” and solos with her church choir.


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