How to Increase Book Sales & Profit (and Grow Your Author Brand) in 2023 withTom Morkes

Tuesday, April 4

2 pm Eastern

In this exclusive training session,Tom Morkes dives into the process behind how to grow your reach, readership, and royalties, without spending a dime on paid advertising, and in just 30 minutes of work a day (even if you’re starting from square one).
  • State of the publishing industry (what’s working / what’s not working when it comes to book marketing)
  • 3 Author myths that are keeping you invisible (and broke)
  • The ONE THING every successful book launch has in common
  • How to reach an audience of thousands of potential readers, even if you’re starting from scratch
  • How to scale this system and turn it into a 6-figure revenue stream
Tom’s goal is to help you deepen your relationship with your audience, by offering high-value training on a topic that is relevant to almost all authors (how to attract new readers and increase book sales, royalties, and profit). He brings years of expertise to this topic and plan to not only teach but answer questions during the live Q and A.
Tom Morkes is the founder of Insurgent Publishing, author of The Art of Instigating, The Complete Guide to Pay What You Want Pricing and Collaborate, and host of “In The Trenches” which has featured notable guests such as Dr. Jordan Peterson, Tom Ziglar, Seth Godin, and many of today’s top authors and thought leaders.

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